Scandinavian Packaging A/S

Scandinavian Packaging A/S

Bækgårdsvej 56 4140 Borup Denmark

AboutScandinavian Packaging A/S

Berlin Packaging Netherlands B.V. is the Dutch operating company of Berlin Packaging, the World’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier® of glass, plastic and metal containers and closures.

With 100+ years in the packaging industry, 1.700+ packaging professionals and a global network of suppliers and warehouses, Berlin Packaging provides amazing packaging to its customers all over the world.

Berlin Packaging Netherlands B.V., based in Wijchen and Houten, is part of the EMEA Group. This company is the result of the incorporation of Handelmaatschappij Vinkova B.V., a leading supplier of glass packaging solutions for food and drinks, and Vincap B.V., an important Dutch supplier of packaging and closures, into Novio Packaging B.V., active since 1978 as distributor of primary packaging solutions for a variety of markets. Along with the incorporation Novio Packaging B.V. has changed its name into Berlin Packaging Netherlands B.V. and now includes all three businesses under the Berlin Packaging brand. This boasts a lot of experience in many different markets: food, wine & spirits, home care, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care, otc, sport nutrition and industrial.

The glass offer is part of the Berlin Packaging Bruni Glass collection, whose commercial brand covers all glass products for the glass market.


Our business model is designed to make packaging easy for our customers. We can find it, design it, source it, store it, ship it, and provide value-added services, always with the objective of increasing our customers’ revenue and improving their productivity.

Being an Hybrid Packaging Supplier, we are one-stop shop, bringing together the best elements of Design & Innovation, Manufacturing Solutions, and Customer Solutions for the packaging industry:

  • Design & Innovation – We shape the future of packaging. We have dedicated Innovation Centres to offer the latest and most suitable products by fulfilling any client’s need, this being dedicated customization (decoration, embossing, engraving, ad-hoc shapes) or supporting the process of new designs industrialization.We pride ourselves with first-class quality procedures and control standards, while providing technical assistance throughout the process.
  • Manufacturing Services – We ensure our customers have the exact packaging they need. We constantly scout for the best partners to source top quality glass, plastic and metal packaging and closures, offering more the 40.000 items worldwide and continuously growing . We promise our customers exhaustive local presence to fully understand and provide for their specific necessities.
  • Customer Solutions – We take care of our customers. We optimize the storage, management, and shipping of our customers’ products thanks to an extensive distribution network made of more than 130 locations and a first-class inventory management system. We offer our customers end-to end supply chain management solutions and customized value-added services.