TORQ Packaging

TORQ Packaging

Via G. Di Vittorio, 30 46045 Marmirolo (MN) Italy

AboutTORQ Packaging

TORQ is an Italian company specialized in the production of capping machines, in-line fillers and rinsing machines. All TORQ machine feature:

  • User-friendly and strong mechanical parts, with high-quality, commercially-available components
  • Precision and accuracy in the filling and closure of containers
  • Hygiene and possibility of washing the machines
  • Modularity and flexibility with fast and repetitive format change

TORQ’s team has 20 years’ experience in the packaging sector, with hundreds of installations the world over, in sectors such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetics.

The strength of TORQ is also that of being able to customize its machines as per the needs and demands of its clients, and to adapt without sacrificing the excellent quality / price ratio.

The TM and TR series are also available in the turret version to be inserted in the filling monoblock; Torq is able to adapt to the needs of manufacturers in these situations too.

Assistance and spare parts are guaranteed at global level, thanks to Torq’s network of technicians and agents who are able to intervene quickly