Via Maremmana, 70 50056 Montelupo Fiorentino


Glass, an inexhaustible resource

The possibilities of creating shapes, sizes, and personalised items with glass are infinite, and its creative potential is equal to its inexhaustible reuse, without any harm to the surrounding environment.

We are an industrial company that produces glass containers fully designed and made in Italy.   Vetreria Etrusca is a leader in the production of special containers, characterised by great creative sensitivity and a constant search for the technical solutions most able to meet the myriad of market demands, from the creation of products with original designs, to the personalisation of the existing lines in the catalogue. All our products are available in three colours, Extrabianco, Mezzobianco and Verdetrusco® for containing and preserving the excellence of high-quality products.

 Vetreria Etrusca is the star among the strictly ‘Made in Italy’ manufacturing companies, reaching far beyond the idea of a simple production company to be instead, a laboratory of research and innovation, with special focus on eco-sustainability and the ongoing expansion of the most stimulating production offers for the market: the factory of transparent ideas with its eyes on the future.

The history of Vetreria Etrusca began in Empoli (FI) in 1920 when it was a small company producing glass almost exclusively for the associated companies in the Empoli area that covered flasks, demijohns and all the containers used in the production of wine and olive oil.

The choice of the name ‘Etrusca’ was not by chance, linked as it is to the enthusiastic revaluation of the Etruscan glassmaking art that took place in the twenties.

In 1928, when Vetreria Etrusca changed location and became a joint stock company called Società Anonima Etrusca, it started producing artistic glass in the traditional Empoli green colour.


The Vetreria Etrusca headquarters is in Montelupo Fiorentino, just outside Florence.

The head office's architectural project is somewhat special, an expanse of glass bottles covering the outer facades; a tower, recalling large chimneys on old furnaces, overlooks the building symbolically representing the company story stretching upwards towards the sky.



Located in Altare, in the province of Savona, historical glass production capital; just one hour from the French border and 40 minutes from Genoa harbour.

We are really careful what we do. That is why we breathe better and work safely.

Vetreria Etrusca is proud to announce that the three prestigious TÜV certifications have been confirmed for 2018 too.

These certify its care over quality in its manufacturing processes, respect for environmental sustainability, safety in the workplace.

 To attain this recognition, Vetreria Etrusca has had a QASH Integral Management System for some time, dedicating considerable resources and energy. This in the awareness that Quality, Environment and Safety are fundamental strategic choices for an increasingly transparent responsible future.


Vetreria Etrusca’s Code of Ethics, accessible on the link below, identifies the primary corporate values that the company intends to abide by with its current business operations, well beyond the typically lucrative aims that characterise its subjective legal typology.

The adoption of this Code is the expression of a corporate decision due to Vetreria Etrusca’s reference point being the recommendation of a high standard of professionalism for all its representatives, and the ban on conduct in contrast with the legal provisions in general, as well as with the ethical values of good entrepreneurship that Vetreria Etrusca intends to promote.

 Vetreria Etrusca is committed to disseminating this Code via the means and methods that it deems most feasible and appropriate, making it known to all those who become involved with the company.