Vertical Stick

Powder Packaging Machine

Powder Packaging Machines are used for packing lubricant oil, milk, solid and liquid products. These power packaging machines mostly used in industries like cement, Chalk powder etc. Imbal Stock SRL excels in the provision of powder packaging machines. Their experts design these powder packaging machines as per the desires of the clients of varied industries. Also, their powder packaging machines are more rigged, versatile, and easier to integrate with wide range of feeding systems & peripheral equipment and engineered to optimize performance & minimize down time. Powder packaging machines are available at competitive prices.


Strapping and Palletizing Machines


Strapping and Palletizing Machines aid in packaging of goods, articles, items etc. Strapping and palletizing machines are widely used in packaging and other industries. Imbal Stock SRL specialized in the provision of strapping and palletizing machines. They provide versatile range of strapping and palletizing machines. These strapping and palletizing machines are designed in accordance to international standards. These strapping and palletizing machines are made to meet the requirements of clients of various industries. Their strapping and palletizing machines are offered at economic prices.

Other Products

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