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Bag packs

Bag packs

Bag packs

Syntegon SVE DZ Doy Zip bag packs

The bag machines we deliver are of the highest quality and ensure a cost-effective production. The machines are developed and manufactured with a high focus on operator-friendliness, easy to operate and clean, easy and quick change of format parts / adjustments, and a high focus on safety. Together with the machine manufacturers, we provide efficient spare parts and service.

The bag machines can be equipped with "gas-flushing" of the product, to minimize residual oxygen in the bags, or with degassing valves, which are used e.g. for coffee packaging.

Syntegon can supply both vertical and horizontal bag machines.

Vertical bag machines

Syntegon can offer many different types of vertical bagging machines. Depending on the customer's wishes and needs, there are machines for packing pillow bags, standing bags (flat bottom), standing bags with 4 edge seal (4 corner seal), bags with 3 sided seal, doy bags with and without zip, doy bags with tape closing mechanism .

Typical products packed on Syntegon vertical bagging machines: 

- sweets 
- chocolate products 
- biscuits - baked
- coffee 
- sugar 
- spices 
- powder 
- nuts 
- snacks 
- frozen products (berries, vegetables, french fries, etc.) 
- salad
- cereals

They are also used for packing meat, fish and shellfish products, fox cheese and cheese blocks, as well as technochemical products.

Syntegon vertical machine models:

Syntegon SVE - bag machines:
Syntegon SVE are continuous machines with a capacity from 10-380 bags / minute. The size of the bags can vary from small portion bags and up to about 15 liters. The SVE model can also be equipped with the option to run Doy-Zip bags.

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