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LMC Semi-Automatic L Cut Packing Machine

LMC Semi-Automatic L Cut Packing Machine


  • Provides practical solution to small and medium capacity packaging needs
  • Provides easy and safe use in accordance with ISG conditions
  • Thanks to the Intelligent Cutting System®, only the necessary heat is supplied to the cutting wire.
  • Target wire temperature is fixed thanks to the Intelligent Cutting System®
  • Thanks to the constant wire temperature, the life of the wire and the wire bed is extended, the welding quality increases


  • M Series: Motor driven cutting jaw feature available (no compressed air required)
  • M Series: In auto mode, self-cut cycles in defined time
  • M Series: Free position cut is triggered by pushbutton
  • M Series: Operator safety is ensured by sensor control that instantly stops the loop
  • H Series: Cutting jaw is closed manually, balanced by counterweight system
  • H Series: Jaw closure time is controlled by magnetic magnet
  • Can be easily integrated into heat tunnels
  • Provides automatic product output with built-in evacuation tape
  • Controlled via digital display
  • The movable product table on the rail bed is adjusted according to the products of different widths.
  • The film coil is easily changed and fixed thanks to its spindle nested in a single axis.
  • It can be easily transported within the facility thanks to its wheeled feet.

Welding System:

  • M Series: Cutting takes place between tire and wire by closing the jaw with motor drive
  • H Series: Cutting is performed between the tire and the wire by closing the jaw manually
  • The cutting wire is positioned on the lower jaw
  • The cutting wire is embedded in the flexible fiber bed, which is not affected by temperature differences
  • Silicone rubber covered with Teflon tape improves cutting quality and silicone life


  • According to different product heights, the height of the discharge band can be adjusted with the arm.
  • The evacuation band working time can be adjusted according to different product sizes.
  • According to different film thicknesses, the cutting wire strength can be adjusted gradually
  • All settings (temperature, time, speed) are easily made on the digital display.
  • Different language options can be selected via the digital display
  • If needed, the technical menu can be accessed from the digital screen for detailed settings.


  • Automatic waste wrapping system can be optionally added
  • Stainless chassis alternatives suitable for wet or humid operation areas
  • A special case can be made for international or domestic long-distance shipments with risk.
  • On-site (at the address of the buyer) installation and training service can be provided upon request.


  • There is an ISO 9001 quality certificate approved for compliance with the norms
  • Mechanical and electrical safety in accordance with the CE mark and the latest CE directives
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment are brands whose reliability has been approved worldwide
  • Our maki are under warranty for 1 year against manufacturing defects.
  • Wearable parts due to use are not covered by the warranty.
  • 1 set of wearable parts (wire, teflon, silicone) is supplied as a spare
  • Spare parts stock availability guarantee for 5 years
  • Installation, testing and training service provided at Maripak Factory free of charge

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