MHL - Full Rotary Sleeve Led UV Printing Machine

MHL - Full Rotary Sleeve Led UV Printing Machine

Our Full-rotary SleeveLed UV Printing Machine (MHL) is suitable for short-run to middle-run jobs. It is designed to address the rapidly growing demand of high quality flexible packaging jobs. Our quality-proven offset printing pressesenable flexible packaging printers to achieve the best printing quality.

Wide substrate capability to cover unsupported films and thin label stocks (15-300μ). Maximum printing speed of 180m/min (option) with repeat length up to 609.6mm enable to produce short-run to middle-run productions. Print width is 457-660mm. Sleeve system for Blanket and Impression cylinder gives dramatic reduction of job changeover times. Each printing unit is being driven by a high-end servo-driven, from Bosch-Rexroth, running independently or synchronized with other units. Combining a Nitrogen-purging LED-UV drying system that drastically promotes ink curing with low-odor type offset LED-UV inks to minimize the no. of dryer and the cause of ink odor, photo-initiators, contained in the ink.


  • Label printing
  • Film printing

Advantages of using ourFull-rotary Led UV printing machine:

  • Low environmental burden
  • Suitable for short-run to middle-run job
  • Superior print quality
  • Combination printing capability

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