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MLP - Semi Rotary Offset Printing Machine

MLP - Semi Rotary Offset Printing Machine

Miyakoshi Printing machinery is one of the foremost Semi rotary offset printing machine suppliers and manufacturers in Japan. Our MLP-Semi Rotary Offset printing Machine is designed to meet the growing demands to produce high-quality labels. We use quality-proven packaging printing machinesto achieve the best print quality.

When it comes to productivity, MLP’s print width is 330 or 406mm and its longer repeat length up to 406.4mm is definitely advantage, giving more flexibility in label imposition in repeats and also provides capacity of big-size label printing. The speed is option from 120imp/min, 200imp/min, 250imp/min, 300imp/min. The basic configuration is: Unwind+5 Offset+1Flexo+Die-cut+Rewind. Module engineering design enables customer- oriented unit configuration.

Furthermore, we offer Semi-rotary Hot-Foil, Cold-Foil, Screen, Emboss, Laminate units and diverse options to meet our customer needs.


  • Food and beverage labels
  • Cosmetic labels
  • Wine labels
  • Other labels in general

Advantages of using our Semi rotary offset printing machine:

  • Through Automated make-ready control system and repeat data management system, material wastage, job changeover times can be reduced.
  • MLP’s largest-in-class repeat length of 406.4mm realizes higher productivity compared with conventional semi-rotary machines.
  • Refined ink train with 4 form roller delivers constant ink film on plate surface, thus achieving high-quality printing with minimized color variation.

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