Quest Industrial, LLC

Quest Industrial, LLC

303 N 29th Ave, Monroe WI 53566 USA

The Quest Quik Case Sealer

The Quest Quik Case Sealer

Quik Case Sealer, Case Taper or Gluer, Highlights

  • Quick and compact automated case or box folding and sealing machine

  • Case in-feed rates of up to 20 pieces per minute

  • Reconfiguration with the press of a button

  • Accepts a wide range of boxes and cases

Standard Configurations of the Quik Case Sealer

  • State-of-the-art safety features used

  • Touch screen operator interface making diagnostics easy

  • Operators manual and mechanical documentation at your fingertip

Optimizations for the Quik Folder Gluer Machine

  • Choose between glue or tape for your case sealer

  • Automated visual inspection

  • Box or case weight verification

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