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Rotary Vacuum Sealer Robotic Loader

Rotary Vacuum Sealer Robotic Loader

Quest Industrial’s Robotic Loader of Rotary Vacuum Sealer or, as we call it, the RSRL system or robotic cheese loader system would be a great addition to your facility. The robotic cheese loader is capable of working alongside preexisting equipment such as your Cryovac or Multivac equipment to pick and place your product into the sealing equipment applications.


Capabilities to accept many different product:

  • Types

  • Sizes

  • Shapes

  • Weights

  • The robotic loader system is USDA & FDA approved for direct food contact

  • Largest work envelope with the smallest footprint

Specifications of the Rotary Vacuum Sealer Robotic Loader


Many available capacity configurations for your product weights from 0.1 lbs all the way up to 60 lbs


Many different configurations with speeds up to 36 Pieces/Minute

Let the Rotary Vacuum Sealer Robotic Cheese Loader do the repetitive work that can cause work injury claims, while completing the tasks with precision and speed. Be it cheese, butter, meat, or produce, the robotic loader has the performance, reliability and efficiency to make you more profitable and competitive.

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