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Thermal Inkjet Gseries

Thermal Inkjet Gseries

The modular solution for high resolution printing


  • Multi-purpose coding made easier


  • Experience and innovation are perfectly combined in Domino’s G-Series i-Tech printing systems.


  • If you are looking for a coding solution that is flexible, easy to integrate into your production line and


  • designed for high resolution printing at fast line speeds with complete reliability,


  • G-Series thermal ink jet printers can meet your needs.


  • The modular set-up can grow along with your requirements, enabling you to operate multiple


  • production lines or larger-sized message. Intelligent i-Tech features and smart cartridge


  • functions guarantee easy operation, improved production planning and reduced errors – saving you


  • time and money. As G-Series controllers do not require regular essential


  • maintenance, your line efficiency is greatly improved.

A diverse range of applications


  • High quality printing with excellent adhesion, lightfastness and scratch resistance on a wide range of


  • materials: Super fast dry times enable perfect code clarity at high production line speeds. Combinations


  • of alphanumeric texts, barcodes and 2D data matrix codes can be applied for enhanced traceability. For


  • added consumer safety many inks are certified food packaging safe inks.


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