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Automatic Flow Wrappers And Feeding System Machine

Automatic Flow Wrappers And Feeding System Machine

All SynchroPACK flow-wrappers are electronially controlled by means of a powerful industrial PC and managed through a color touch interface with an intuitive menu.

Format changes are minimized since all variable parameters for each product can be stored in a memory and instantly retrieved for use.

SynchroPACK has solutions for any Flow-pack application but its specialty is focused on the packaging of all products that are oven baked, extruded or molded as cookies, crackers, toast bread, cereal bars, chocolates, etc …

Automatic Feeding Systems

The aim of SynchroFEED is to become “the reference” into the packaging world as a specialist in design and production of automatic feeding systems for a great variety of products with the highest levels of flexibility and efficiency.

The intermediate processes between production and primary packaging (flow-pack, X fold, thermoformers, etc.) and from primary packaging to secondary one (Multipacks, cartons, boxes, etc.)

The well experienced SynchroFEED technical team has developed three lines of products to offer the best solutions for any need.

Our “Tailor Made” philosophy makes every project as a new challenge, always looking for the latest technical and reliable solutions to offer the most competitive ones to our customers.

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