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Vertical Multiline Stickpack Machine

Vertical Multiline Stickpack Machine

The Vertical Stick Pack Multi-line packaging machine for powder products is fitted with batching device featuring multi-row augers designed for powder that has trouble sliding.

Each auger is controlled by a custom-made a brushless motor.

Ensures an accurate and separate adjustment of the dose on each line.

Upon request, the system of the StickC Packaging Machine can be fitted with a pre-feeding unit that ensures a constant level in the batching hopper, thereby guaranteeing the accuracy of the requested dosage.

Technical features:

  • No of lines: from 2 to 20

  • Max reel diameter: 500 mm

  • Max reel length 1200 mm

  • Bag length: variable from 30mm to 250 mm

  • Bag width: variable from 15 mm to 150 mm

  • Production speed: up to 80 cycles/min

  • Max volume that can be packaged: 300 ml

  • Drive unit: Brushless motors + pneumatic


  • Easy opening system: to mark packaging in a specific position and make it easier to open when using kinds of film that are difficult to tear.

  • Variable data marking: ink-jet, dry pressure transfer.

  • Particle extractor systems

  • Creation of strip bags with or without dotted line cut along the horizontal seal

  • CIP (Clean In Place) sanitation systems

  • Line control of bags made with system to discard packages exceeding tolerance values and batching device self-adjustment system (feed-back).

  • Packaging under modified atmosphere conditions: injections of inert gases

  • Computerised monitoring of the production process of the packaging machine with customised processing of data detected

  • Automatically combined with cellophane wrappers, carton filling units, etc.

  • Ethernet remote support

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