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PT. Sanco Indonesia, Komplek Meruya Garden, Blok M No.11, Meruya Utara, Kembangan, Jakarta 11620, INDONESIA

standing pouch machine

standing pouch machine

Our company’s philosofy is to improve the quality of the equipment in all those parts that increase the performances and the construction quality

  • Stainless steel frame and mechanisms (AISI-304) as standard

  • Second reel holder (pneumatic)

  • Automatic reel splicer

  • Permanent cams lubrication

  • GMP design

  • MODEM remote access

  • Format recipes in PLC for quick changeover

  • Motorized sealing groups

  • Inner lamps in mechanical area

  • Lighting and acustic signals

Nowadays, it is a must to have a very flexible and versatile equipment to optimize the investment return, with a quick pay-back, with a reliable operation.

  • Wide range of packaging formats and different presentations

  • Real capabilities to improve new accessories on existing equipment (zipper, shaped pouches, valves, new dosers, etc.)

  • Fast and easy changeovers

  • Maintenance time reduction

  • Production efficiency

  • Comissioning included

Equipment efficiency is based either in yearly production and associated costs, time and money.

  • Effytec machines include some features that allow to regulate machine settings in production that reduce downtime and machine stops.

  • Lubricated cams and modem for remote assistance are standard equipment, and they affect directly to minimize the maintenance costs.

  • Reduced floorprint minimizes space in filling area

Machine model : Reel and PMP type

Range of speed : 45 – 150 ppm (1 Litre)

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