con-pearl GmbH

con-pearl GmbH

Ershäuser Str. 4 37308 Geismar

Aboutcon-pearl GmbH

What we do

  • Lightweight construction and sustainability play a more and more significant role. Our products meet these challenges.
  • The volume of our plastic gaylord boxes is reduced up to 80% for return. Transport costs are decreased and emissions are reduced.
  • The low weight of our automotive solutions has the same effect. con-pearl® van linings are about 60% lighter than standard wooden linings.

Who we are

Con-Pearl North America Inc. is a subsidiary of con-pearl GmbH – a German manufacturer of

lightweight plastic products for the packaging and automotive industry. Con-Pearl North America offers con-pearl® boards, sleeves, returnable packaging as well as automotive components for the US market.

With our products we are part of the supply chain of some of the biggest companies in the world.