Erda Scientific Research Education Services Ltd. Sti

Erda Scientific Research Education Services Ltd. Sti

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AboutErda Scientific Research Education Services Ltd. Sti

Established in 1994, ERDA BİLİMSEL ARAŞTIRMA EĞİTİM HİZMETLERİ LTD. STI. As a result of the cooperation developed since 1995 with ALTECH, Italy's leading labeling machine manufacturer, it is among the companies with the highest level of technical competence in the sector. The clearest indication of this is that 900 companies in 36 countries prefer ERDA for the purchase of 2500 machines.

ERDA, which has been importing ALTECH labeling machines until 1997, has started to manufacture labeling machines with original designs in addition to importing since 1997. ALTECH's high-tech microprocessor controlled step motor labeling modules are used in labeling machines manufactured by ERDA.

In 2 applications made in Turkey, a capacity of 80,000 units/hour was reached with the step motor label advancement system. With self-adhesive labeling machines provided by ERDA, over 10,000,000 products are labeled every day. This justified pride has been achieved through 5 main approaches:


Performance, durability, ergonomics, hygiene and aesthetic concerns are prioritized in the discovery of the labeling machines whose original designs belong to our company. Compliance with CE quality standards is the main goal. All systems are planned in a modular structure in terms of flexible use of labeling machines, easy control and easy disassembly of all elements. The materials and systems to be used are decided at this stage and the design is completed in the AUTOCAD environment.


304L quality stainless steel, high quality aluminum and high-tech engineering plastics are used in the main structure of the labeling machines. In electronic and pneumatic materials, expert brands such as Schneider, Omron, Weidmuller, Sanyo, Sisel, Sick, Finder, Festo, SMC are preferred. All labeling machines are stepper motor.


The assembly and performance/product trials of the labeling machines, whose parts are manufactured outside the company, are completed by experienced technicians. The systems used cover the latest technological developments.