ILPRA Systems U.K. Ltd

ILPRA Systems U.K. Ltd

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AboutILPRA Systems U.K. Ltd

Ilpra was established in 1955 with the aim of designing and producing reliable, leading-edge packaging machines

In the same year, the first Italian thermosealing machine was built, highlighting the company’s focus on innovation and market orientation. In 1982 che, in keeping with its innovation and development focused mission, Ilpra built and introduced into the market the first modified atmosphere thermosealing traysealer machine, still today a leading product in the packaging market. The company has seen steady growth from the 1980s: Ongoing investment in research and development, constant emphasis on technological innovation, high quality and reliability of its products, combined with important commercial investments, led to the rapid spread of the Ilpra brand in Europe and subsequently also worldwide.

Today, the Ilpra group encompasses several local branches in the main major world markets and boasts a global network of distributors and service support centres that provide widespread knowledge and expertise in target markets. All this makes Ilpra an undisputed worldwide leader in food, industrial and medical applications packaging sectors.