MG Tech

MG Tech

Za Sud La Belle Eugenie, La Chapelle-Achard, Pays de la Loire, 85150

AboutMG Tech

MG-Tech, an independent group on a human scale, specializes in the design and production of complete packaging solutions: compact cardboard, corrugated cardboard, palletizing and automated handling. Our robotics know-how and our various production sites guarantee you personalized support throughout your packaging projects and the optimization of your production lines.

The MG-Tech Group has 180 employees spread over 3 production sites in France, a guarantee of quality and confidence, the assurance of “Made in France” for more than 15 years.

Day after day, all MG-Tech teams are committed to supporting you in the long term with reliable and upgradeable equipment, which will offer you greater productivity, agility and comfort.


Our mission at MG-Tech: to provide you with the appropriate solutions so that you are able to improve your industrial productivity. For this, our approach is broken down into three phases:

  • Understand, analyze your environment, identify your challenges. This audit phase is an essential step to offer you adequate and relevant solutions.
  • Equip your production units. MG-Tech supports you in choosing your future industrial equipment (case erectors, case packers, palletizers, AGVs, etc.).
  • Communicate your equipment to intelligent solutions. The 4.0 plant is underway with the development of interconnectivity between your equipment, making it possible to: produce (production), prevent (maintenance), guarantee (quality).

The MG-Tech group is a company:

  • Agile: always on the move and attentive to the market to quickly adapt to new customer demands and requirements.
  • Committed: at the service of her clients, she does not hesitate to accept challenges, difficulties do not scare her.
  • Passionate: involved, enterprising, invested, she takes 100% of her missions to heart.
  • Unifying: the projects require common resources; the sharing of common resources, cohesion and team spirit are strong values ​​of the company.
  • Pro-active: constantly attentive, she knows how to frame actions over the medium and long term.
  • Ingenious: she is characterized by her inventiveness and her ability to pragmatically solve various problems.
  • 01- Teams at your service and answers adapted to your needs

A solution with a single partner to respond to your requests with a team of 160 people

  • 02- The quality of service

A dedicated and unique customer service to respond to your requests and support you for the development of your machines

  • 03- Personalized and transparent monitoring

Supervision of the entire installation and connection with our customer area to monitor exchanges with the teams

  • 04- A respected schedule

A guaranteed schedule and 53 years of experience in machine and robotics solutions.