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Monoflo International

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AboutMonoflo International

Why Monoflo

We've chosen the path of quality by leveraging the best technology to engineer reusable transport packaging solutions that use fewer raw materials while achieving superior quality and longer product life.


Monoflo has a proven history of designing innovative solutions to help our customers reach their business goals. Our design team works closely with key stakeholders to develop custom products and engineered solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Superior Engineering

Through superior engineering, we reduced the secondary package weight for a client by more than 330 pounds per truckload. This resulted in a reduction of 7.2 million pounds hauled each year, and consequently, a tremendous reduction in the use of fuel.


Monoflo’s continued investment in technology and focus on improvement and innovation is one of our key differentiators. Our deeply-engaged leadership team continually makes strategic decisions to drive us forward, even when considerable investment is required.

Delivering on Our Promise

Technology helps us improve and deliver on our quality promise with checks and balances in place, like our vision verification systems that allow us to inspect minute details at critical production stages. It also enables us to guarantee reliable repeatability so the first product in the run is exactly the same as the last.