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Röltgen GmbH & Co. KG

Paul-Röltgen-Straße 10, 42699 Solingen, Germany

AboutRöltgen GmbH & Co. KG

Röltgen - quality that shapes!

As a premium manufacturer of marking tools, marking machines and tablet presses for every branch of industry, we offer you high quality and durable products. Our standard program consists of manual, semi-automatic and automatic tools and machines that help you to cut costs and save nerves.

You won't win a new supplier through us, that's what our market competitors are for. You gain a new, reliable partner through us.

Benefit from our professional advice. We are happy to help you

Under this motto we produce marking, marking and coding systems for the most demanding customers in the world.

The individual Labeling of products and packaging is a fundamental production process. Labels give the manufacturer and the buyer a wide range of information about the nature, origin and time of production of the goods.

National and international standards and ordinances regulate e.g. B. the identification of the vehicle identification number (Vehicle Identification Number) for vehicles.

Röltgen Marking-Systems has been designing and manufacturing tools for the individual marking of industrial products of all kinds for 75 years . As a medium-sized family company in the third generation, Röltgen has developed into one of the leading manufacturers and a competent partner of industry worldwide.

Marking systems from Röltgen are used in the automotive, aerospace, steel and mechanical engineering sectors as well as in modern packaging machines in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. In addition to the extensive standard range, approx. 80% of the production is custom-made and one-off products - Made in Germany - produced on modern machines by highly qualified employees.

Pipes, slabs, casting molds or turbine blades - the diversity of types and shapes is reflected in our production program. Contact us.

Röltgen has the right tool for you!

It is no coincidence that the entire production process is geared towards sustainability and the responsible use of the environment and resources. Röltgen pioneered an efficient electroplating waste water treatment system many years ago. In addition, there is a rainwater treatment system and use and an approx. 700 m2 photovoltaic system, used for a modern machine park that also withstands ecological aspects.

By switching to natural electricity, Röltgen saves around 87 tons of CO2 every year. This corresponds roughly to the climate protection effect of 4,348 trees.

The company was certified according to DIN-EN ISO 9001.

It is produced exclusively in Germany. Röltgen Marking-Systems attaches great importance to qualified vocational training for trainees in the company (approx. 10% of the workforce) and to regular further training of the mostly long-term employees in its own ranks. Röltgen Marking-Systems works closely with schools and universities to promote the next generation before and during their training.