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Labeller-Rotating Machine for Inserting Capsules DIVONA 4/8/4

Labeller-Rotating Machine for Inserting Capsules DIVONA 4/8/4


  • Capping monoblock for putting on capsules and positioning adhesive labels on all types of cylindrical or shaped (conical, ovoid, square) bottles

  • Admissible diameters : 55 to 115 mm

  • Touch screen 10"4

  • Feeding the bottles by Archimedes screw

  • Capping rotary press fitted with 4 Albagnac TS8 heads with electrical height adjustment

  • Putting on capsules via 4 thermal regulation heads

  • Four labelling machines can operate in pairs of the permutation type for continuous positioning of labels

  • Positioning heads on an adjustable support, the height and the angle can be adjusted with memorized electrical command via the touch screen

  • Label stop via optical cell with automatic locking of the label exit

  • Blocking of the bottles in the labelling phase over 8 brushless motorized turntables

  • Low chassis fully encased in stainless steel, with CRAM security protectors divided into sections complying with the standards

  • Compact machine : overall width 2200 mm (can supply a bottling lorry)

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