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Touch Screen Labelling Machine Xena II

Touch Screen Labelling Machine Xena II


  • Labeller for installation on packaging lines, mounted on 4 feet

  • Stainless-steel frame, CRAM safety protection conforming to standards

  • Independent attachment head on stand with electrically-controlled height adjustment

  • Automatic control of label widths by fibre optics

  • Possibility of adaptation of 3 or 4 supplementary labeller

  • Cylindrical product blockage during labelling by head mounted on pneumatic jack

  • Top product-press for square (or flat) products with front

  • Automatic labelling stoppage at the end of label reels

  • Precision of label attachment controlled by optical signal

  • Operational adjustment during labelling phase by touch screen panel display control permitting control storage related to each type of product and label

  • Product counter and down-counter

  • Modular conception. The machine can be fitted with any optional equipment during construction or at any moment on the customer’s demand

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