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Ceres Capping an Self-Adhesive Labeller

Ceres Capping an Self-Adhesive Labeller


  • Permits the attachment of one to two labels of the same reel width on cylindrical or conical bottles (from 55 to115 mm).

  • Possibility of adaptation of 1 to 2 supplementary labeling machines (back labels, medallions, strip labels).

  • Capping movement with centralised adjustment of setting height and cap distribution.

  • Centring of bottle with adjustable star and guide.

  • Independent attachment head with height and mechanical tilt adjustments.

  • Label stop with light detection cell.

  • Bottle blocking with pneumatic blocking head during labelling.

  • Adjustment of labelling attunement with tactile screen permitting the memorisation of adjustments relating to each bottle and label type.

  • Automatic bottle counter – reverse counter.

  • Machine with belt traction and outfeed table, construction in 100% stainless steel mounted on 4 wheels.

  • Maximum body label height at 170 mm

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