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Vertical Packaging Machine - MWSVP 10

Vertical Packaging Machine - MWSVP 10

  • Filling process is realized with the actual product weighing. Weighing hoppers adjust the desired weight and rapidly discharges the weighed product into the package formed in the packaging unit.

  • Multihead Vertical Packaging Machines with scale-weighing systems are the vertical packaging machines ajdusting the desired weight with the maximum sensitiveness and making the packaging of the products in the fastest way.

  • In case that the accuracy of the product weight is very important or there is a high volume of production, the multihead system vertical packaging machines with high numbers of scales or hoppers would be the most appropriate choice. It is possible to make production of multihead system vertical packaging machine as 10, 14 or 18 scale depending on the production capacity and the customer's request.


Filling System

10- Scale Multihead Filling System


25-65 packages/min.(changes depending on the product type, weight and dimension of the product and the type of the packaging material)


It is used for the packaging of dried nuts and fruits, legumes, pasta, candy, coated Turkish delight, tea, granulated sugar, biscuits, wafers, crisps, frozen products, vegetables, fruits, etc..

Product Weight

20 – 1000 gr. / 1000 – 5000 gr.

Weight Precision

+/- 2 – 4 gr.

Package Length

510 mm.

Package Width

610 mm.

Package Types

Pillow, Gusset-Type, Stand-up, Quadro Packages.

Control System

PLC electronic control system

Operator Panel

5.7 inch touch-screen and coloured

Packaging Material

OPP, CPP, PET, aluminium foil, other laminated films, polythene

Diamater of Bobbin

300 mm.

Width of Bobbin

610 mm.

Weight of Machine

1.400 kg.

Machine  Dimensions

190 x 250 x 325 cm. (dimensions excluding elevator)

Electricity Requirement

3 x 380 volt, 50 hz, 4 kw

Air Requirement

6-8 bar, 300 liter/min.


Optional Equipments:


  • Coding Machine with Barcode Printer (this is the date printer unit with which possible to print barcode in addition to the information such as expiry and production date.)

  • Hanger Hole Punch Device (to hang the products on the shelves)

  • Holding/Carrying Place Making Apparatus (for big weights of detergent or sugar)

  • Gusset-Type Package Making Equipment

  • Quadro Package Making Equipment

  • Feeding Elevator (to transfer the product to the filling unit continuously and automatically where multihead weighers are located and weighing process is done)

  • Product output conveyor unit after packaging. (after the completion of the packaging process, to carry or transfer the packaged products)

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