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Thermoforming Packaging Machine - TPM 3000

Thermoforming Packaging Machine - TPM 3000
  • It’s ideal for big investments or for companies which has a high production volume.
  • Basic units of the machine consist of form shaping, filling, vacuuming, gas pumping, sealing stations and cutting apparatus. In the first stage, the form of the desired package mould in relationship with the product properties and package dimensions is given to the bottom film with the help of the gas pressure and heat applied by the thermoforming machine. In the second phase, the feeding of the product is done as manually or automatically depending on the properties of the product. In the third stage, the filled packages are sealed with the upper film.
  • It is possible to apply vacuuming to the product just before the third stage (sealing of upper film). In addition to this, it is possible to apply gas mixture (modified atmosphere packaging) to extend the shelf life of the product and reach the optimum shelf life for the product.
  • Thermoforming Packaging Machine has a wide usage especially in food industry.
  1. Used in packaging of a wide variety of products like meat, meatball, chicken, processed meat products(salami, sausage, pepperoni etc.), fish, cheese, tortellini, cake, pizza, olive, pickles, appetizers, dried fruits (apricot, fig, grape), deserts, butter and other similar products.
  2. Also used in healthcare industry, injectors, compress and bandage materials, filament for medical operations, serum, gloves, materials for operation and similar products which need to be packaged in steril conditions.
  3. Other than these, machines are used for spare parts, smallwares, stationary materials, toys, jewelry, hardware, cleaning rags and other similar products.
  • The type (whether it is hard or soft film) and thickness of upper and bottom films to be used on the thermoforming packaging machine change depending on the properties of the product to be packaged.
  • All the parameters on the machine are controlled easily by PLC electronic control system through touch screen operator panel.
  • Control panel enables data collecting and reporting. Different language options on the control panel like Turkish, English, Arabic and Russian are available.
  • Depending on the customer's request, either just vacuuming the product to be packaged is possible or either the injection of the gas or gas mixtures with vacuuming process together is applicable to extend the shelf life and reach the optimum shelf life of the product.
  • Moulds used in shaping and sealing of the package can be changed easily.
  • “Brush type” greasing system is applied for greasing the chains automatically that provides the user with easier maintainance.
  • Knives used in the machine are durable and manufactured of stainless material.
  • Whole machine is made of stainless steel in conformity with the hygienic norms.

Optional Equipments:

  • Filter with a water-holding feature for brine products can be integrated to the machine.
  • In order to extend the shelf-life, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) can be applied by injecting protective gas into the package. 



Technical Specifications


7-10 cycles/ minute

Cut-off lengths

450 mm. at maximum

Width options for Packaging material

360, 420, 460, 520, 600 mm

Packaging Material


Packaging Material

(to be used on top)

Soft packaging material which is able to be sealed

Packaging Material

(to be used on bottom)

Soft & hard packaging material which can be

 formed in the desired shape

Operator Control Panel

10 inch touch screen (coloured)

Motor/Engine Type

Servo motor, which is suitable for sensitive machine tools



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