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Fully automatic filling & packing machine for MISO Y-77-A 500-1000

Fully automatic filling & packing machine for MISO Y-77-A 500-1000


This machine is ideal for thick pastes. With the addition of a special filler optimized for miso(fermented soybean paste) the nozzle (designed for miso) moves up and down the bag when filling to prevent air residues at the bottom of the bag. The valve is adapted to avoid damaging the material properties of the filled food so it is perfect for potato salad, coarse miso and other foodstuffs where preservation of the original texture is important. Sealing is effected by two heat sealed on a hot plate followed by one seal using a refrigerated press. For standing pouches the form of the opening can be shaped perfectly by a special opening device. This is a multi-purpose model so bag size can be adjusted with a single control operation and no fine tuning. There is also a 2kg model which does not yet appear in the catalog so feel free to ask for more details.


Packing speed

18~25 bags per minute, depending on natureand volume of products

Filling volume

Model 500: 100~500g. Model 1000: 500~1000g.

Power consumption

AC200V, 0.75kW,product discharge conveyor: 0.1 kW

Control panel

With cam controller, power surge breaker,sequencer, product counter, heater and fuseindicator


90~150 l

Dimensions & weight

See the following figures, approx. 1800kg.


Air compressor (AC200V 3W 3.7kW), Dateprinter (Hot stamp, Permanent ink-type, ink-jetprinter ), Hopper screw device (equipped with separate driven transmission 0.4~0.75kW),Weight checker, Controller with servo motor, Main variable-speed inverter, Interchangeable filler pump,


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