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Automatic filler for liquids and pastes M-61-W 26-350-500

Automatic filler for liquids and pastes M-61-W 26-350-500


This machine is used for filling bottles, cans and other containers with curries, stews, jams, meat sauce, soups, fruit juices and all kinds of liquids, pastes, hot products and products mixed with solids. The special patented nozzle cutter is highly effective in eliminating dripping after fining and the machine can also be equipped with a container lifter device. The filler (pump) is very simple and convenient to strip down and clean. lt is a two-stage pump ideal for volume production. The nozzle cutter can move up and down if the material properties require,


Filling speed

40-60 per minute, depending on nature of products

Filling volume

Model 260: 30-230g. Model 350: 50-330g.Model 500: 100-500g.

Power consumption

Motor AC200V 3W 1.5 kW(with step less transmission 3:1)


Hopper (60~120 l ), Lifting and Foot switch

Dimensions & weight

700(D)X890(W)x2110(H)mm, approx. 350kg.


Hopper agitator (with variable speedcontroller 0.1~0.2kW), Hopper screw device(equipped with separate driven transmission0.4~0.75kW), Double insulated hopper withjacket, Air compressor (AC200V 3W 0.75kW)and Hopper level switch.


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