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Fully automatic filling & packing machine for pre formed plastic cups YK-103-C 260-350-500-750-1000

Fully automatic filling & packing machine for pre formed plastic cups YK-103-C 260-350-500-750-1000


This model, which handles pastes in cups, has an excellent record of successful installations and enjoys a high reputation. for miso etc" the container (cup etc.) rises and falls during filling so that no air remains inside. When the special nozzle cutter is used with processed farm and marine produce it is able to cut fibrous materials during filling so there are absolutely no problems of miss-filling and cup dirtying. Once all the automatic feeders are Loaded, this machine handles all stages of the process through to discharge of the finished product. It operates by electronic control and a cam mechanism, so anybody can operate it with ease. Working process Automatic cup supply elimination of foreign matter from the cup filling - automatic paper feeding - automatic supply of de-oxygenation agent (in inner cover) - automatic supply of temporary hot melt seal (hot melt paper) - hot plate seal (twice) - refrigerated press - outer cover automatic supply device (outer formed cover) - product discharge. in addition, This machine can easily be linked to a labeling machine and a shrink wrapper and caser. All time-consuming manual processes are automated for the maximum Labor saving. The products handled can be either liquids or pastes so please consult us with your needs.


Packing speed & filling column

Model 260: 30~230g at 20~30 cups/minModel 350: 50~330g at 20~30 cups/minModel 500: 100~500g at 20~25 cups/minModel 1000: 500~1000g at 20~25 cups/minDepending on nature and volume of products

Power consumption

Heaters: AC200V, 800W x 1 , 80W x 1(temporary seat), motor: AC200V, 3W , 1.5kW,vacuum pump: AC200V, 3W , 0.75kW

Control panel

With cam controller, power surge breaker,sequencer, product counter, heater and fuseindicator


60~150 l

Dimensions & weight

Model 260/350 :See the following figures, approx. 1500kg.Model 500/1000 :


See the following figures, approx. 1800 kg.Air compressor AC200V, 3W , 2.2kW, dateprinter (permanent ink and other types), hopperscrew device (equipped with separate driventransmission 0.4~0.75kW), labeling machine(two-sided adhesive, three-sided adhesive,Long labels and other types), cup stock holder,cup cleaner (with dust collector), metaldetector, desiccant supply device, varioussensor devices.


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