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Fully automatic filler for liquids and pastes equipped with automatic capper M-61-C 260-350-500

Fully automatic filler for liquids and pastes equipped with automatic capper M-61-C 260-350-500


This machine feeds bottles for filling with Liquids and pastes onto a turntable with a linked capper. Once the capper is provided with a supply of caps the machine handles the entire filling and capping process. It is highly respected for the continuous systematization of these processes, which can easily be Junked to labeling and shrink-wrapping stages. The filler nozzle uses a special patented nozzle cutter which cuts fibrous material during filling to achieve a high level of accuracy and eliminate dripping The filler (pump) is very simple and convenient to strip down and clean. (All stainless steel construction). The Auto capper is a multi-purpose model for all cap sizes. Components can be replaced easily without the use of tools in order to change the cap size. The main body and the Cap Can be adjusted with the same handle after alignment. Sample applications Salted squid, mushrooms, sea urchin, jam, pickled vegetables, barbecue sauce, seaweed broiled in soy sauce.


Packing speed

40~60 per minute, depending on nature of products

Filling volume

Model 260: 30~230g. Model 350: 50~330g.Model 500: 100~500g.

Power consumption

AC200V 3W 0.4kW(with no-stage transmission 3 : 1)

Control panel

With cam controller, power surge breaker, andSequencer


60 l

Dimensions & weight

2200(D)x1160(W)x2100(H)mm, approx. 650kg.


Hopper agitator (with variable speed controller 0.1~0.2kW), Hopper screw device (equipped with separatedriven transmission 0.4~0.75kW), Hopper level switch,Air compressor (AC200V 3W 1.5kW), Turntable andauto capper

Auto capper

I. C. D. 20~30 pieces per minuteI. C. H. 40~60 pieces per minute

Power consumption

Motor AC200V 3W 0.4kW brake motorMotor AC200V 3W 0.4kW cap alignment

Air source

Pressure 5kg/cm2


2000(D)x1160(W)x2100(H)mm.I. C. H.: 0.2kW vacuum pump.


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