Ave Technologies S.r.l.

Ave Technologies S.r.l.

Via della Costituzione, 127, 30038 Spinea VE, Italy

AboutAve Technologies S.r.l.


The identification of a product passes through the immediate recognition and technology of its container: Ave Technologies Srl, with its experience and its means, makes all bottling realities possible with innovative, exclusive and technologically advanced answers.

Ave Technologies researches, designs and manufactures machines and complete systems for bottling and packaging, to make its customers compete and win on international markets and to meet the growing demand for top quality products.

It is also specialized in the realization of complex projects in difficult environments, signing many sophisticated and innovative works in the sector.


In 1964 the OFFICINE AVE were born and the activity of designing, building and trading of bottling machines initially dedicated to the Italian wine sector began.

Since 1970 the new AVE machines for the bottling of carbonated soft drinks have rapidly spread to the markets of the Middle East and North Africa with the first complete “turnkey” plants.

The 1980s saw the opening of numerous foreign branches including AVE UK and AVE ROM.

At the end of the 90s and up to 2000, AVE was the first in the world to start with decision and with immediate market success the integration of its products with electronic controls, creating the EFS series.

Filling machines, which until then were managed solely but with increasing difficulty by mechanical devices, are now seeing the introduction of effective electronic regulation controls thanks to AVE.

In this way, the company in a few years strengthens the validity of its offer by distributing its products and services in 60 countries around the world, establishing collaborative relationships with important industrial companies and production companies.

Since 2010 AVE has been part of the Della Toffola Group, one of the largest and most prestigious groups in the world in the design and production of machines and systems for the beverage, food and water purification sectors.

AVE Technologies today looks to the future with new eyes, the eyes of a large international group leader in process management for the food, wine, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and water treatment.

And it looks to the future fair of its history, that of a company that was the first to design and manufacture bottling machines with patented advanced electronic management. A history made of technology and know-how that for over 50 years have innovated the bottling sector.

360 ° services and projects

AVE manages all projects by actively interacting with customers, listening to and understanding their requests. The experience acquired combined with commercial and technological flexibility and the desire to meet the needs of each customer, become the guarantee of an excellent service in any place and situation.

The Spinea production site allows together with the companies of the Della Toffola Group to manage the entire construction process.

Men and machines: the secret of an accurate way of manufacturing lies in the balance of these ingredients and their management. The visit of the customer to the factories of the Group makes us proud of the examination, thrilling us in the presentation and above all in the testing of the product, its product. Another bottle, another cap, another label always color our factory anew. In all our collaborators there is the desire to collect a comment, an evaluation, a last additional request. Once installed that plant will produce for over a decade. Dozens of us will remember

customer name, order number and application by heart ... testifying to everyone's involvement.

The commercial service and assistance, shipping, assembly and testing of the systems today have an even more incisive and efficient role in every part of the world to guarantee the functional continuity of all AVE systems, both existing and for future installation.