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Cousins Packaging was founded in 1992.  We are a full-line manufacturer of stretch wrap machinery ranging from semi-automatics, to technically advanced customized automated systems sold worldwide. We are recognized for bringing new and innovative technologies to market like the exclusive patented A-ARM technology that uniquely cuts and attaches the stretch film above the load. Many of North America’s major manufacturers and producers are using Cousins Packaging machinery, including those in the following industries: 

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  • Food
  • Beer and Beverage
  • Electronics
  • Building Products
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petroleum
  • Military
  • Chemical
  • Automotive
  • Paper
  • Textile



Using a combination of simple, time-tested designs along with industry-changing innovation, we deliver machines that provide high-performance results. Our stretch packing equipment can eliminate the need for labor-intensive and time-consuming manual wrapping. Cousins Packaging equipment includes automatic and semi-automatic wrapping machine options, and we are continually creating innovative packaging machinery fit for what your company requires. We have low-profile, high-profile and rotary arm stretch wrapping machines for the load size your company typically needs wrapped.

We introduced the Cousins Automatic A-Arm Machine that revolutionized the stretch wrapper industry by providing the cost and safety benefits of an automatic wrapper at a cost comparable to many semi-automatic machines. Read more about the cost and safety benefits the Automatic A-Arm Machine provides.


Dual Turntable machines can wrap more loads per hour. This packaging equipment increases productivity because as the machine wraps one load, the forklift operator can bring a second load to the other table and prepare it for wrapping. The machine will then switch between the two turntables to keep up a steady flow of wrapping loads.

Our Single Semi-Automatic Turntables can increase wrapped pallet output by as much as 35 loads per hour. Each piece of packaging equipment comes with a touchscreen operator interface providing three separate wrap settings, diagnostic information, many critical programming options and is easy to use. You can also control the speed of the turntable so you can set a rate that keeps loads moving.


Cousins Packaging offers a variety of Automatic Rotary Arms for your needs. We have Automatic Conveyorized Rotary Arms and a standard Rotary Arm with different frame options to fit your stretch packaging requirements. The Automatic Rotary Arm with varying options of frames can wrap up to 35 loads per hour. The Conveyorized Rotary Arms can wrap loads at 45 per hour, 65 per hour or even 95 per hour. 


Cousins Packaging has conveyorized automatic systems and platform automatic packaging equipment to fit your business’s needs.

The turntable Automatic A-Arm Machines can stretch wrap up to 40 loads per hour and offer three machines in one. These units come with a wireless remote to quickly start and stop the machine without needing to turn off any power equipment or leaving the forklift. The machine will finish wrapping by cutting the stretch wrap on the top of the load.

There are multiple versions of our Conveyorized A-Arm Automatics with wrap rates between 45 and 65 loads per hour. These stretch wrapping machines come with options including three wrap modes and the Automatic First Revolution Load Scanning Safety Feature to ensure every load is tight and ready for transport. 


Whatever your needs, we have a solution for you! Cousins Packaging offers packaging equipment ranging from fully automatic wrappers to entry-level machines. Our team of experienced engineers can create customized solutions for every industry to help you meet your demands. With almost everything done in-house, including panel design and construction, cut and welded fabrications, powder coat painting, machined parts, and assembly, our capabilities are almost endless and help us to ensure top quality. Check out some of our customized solutions by clicking here.


Our Rotary Arm Semi-Automatic selection includes different frame options within the Titan models and our Hercules model can secure tall and wide loads. The rate of wrapping loads varies on the model. The Titan models can wrap as many as 30 loads per hour. The Hercules model can wrap 40 loads per hour or more. 


A large distributor network supported by Cousins Packaging helps to ensure a seamless and trouble-free solution for your packaging needs. Our staff will assist you from project development, through the design, manufacturing, and installation of your new machine as well as all the necessary after-sale services required. Our distribution technicians are factory trained and ready for service.

Cousins Packaging is dedicated to helping you lower packaging costs of materials, labor and processes with our extreme packaging machinery. All of our machines are backed by a strong machine warranty program.


Our largest asset is our staff base, which includes some of the best and most experienced personnel in the industry. Some team members have been in the industry since the birth of the stretch wrapper itself and have worked on installations for hundreds of customized machines solving hundreds of packaging problems across all industries.

As packaging equipment manufacturers, we understand the importance of maximizing productivity to create a safer work environment. Whether you have a problem with a machine or are looking to get info on our products.