Embalitec, S.L

Embalitec, S.L

C/ Xarel·lo, 6, 08758 Cervelló, Barcelona (Spain)

AboutEmbalitec, S.L

EMBALITEC is a new company born in Barcelona in 2013 when a group of engineers and technicians, all with more than 20 years experience in the packaging industry, realized that things could be improved and be done much better to the customer’s benefit and decided to establish a new company on their own.

At EMBALITEC we design and build industrial packaging machinery of the highest quality and performance at a very competitive cost. We also offer an excellent service through local distributors.

The people at EMBALITEC work as a team to give customers the best available solution to their packaging needs. Our long experience in the sector and renewed desire to do things right from the beginning makes us confident to succeed.