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AboutKuen yuh Machinery Engineering co., LTD

Since founded in 1968, KYMC has been producing a new generation of printing and converting equipment for the global market. To date, KYMC has served customers in more than 90 countries and has installed more than 2,800 devices. Our rich experiences and innovative DNA helped us to win over the trusts and supports of global customers in the flexible packaging industry. KYMC works with world-renowned and reputable suppliers to ensure the best performance and reliability of our equipment. Local support and services are also provided in various countries. The main advantage of KYMC is the quick return on investment of the machine, the direct service of the management and the use of the best components. We help our customers stay ahead of the competition and maintain market share. We believe that the trust of our customers comes from the accumulation of our quality services. The excellence comes from our enthusiasm towards work. Through positive attitudes and the extensive training that we provide internally and externally, the KYMC team are always ready to serve you at our best.

Providing Best Solution for Customers Globally

In the era of technology bloom, KYMC maintains the pinnacle of our technology. To meet the Industry 4.0 market demand, KYMC is introducing equipment that are satisfying the need of “Always Connected” and “Constant Data Collection”, emphasizing on the integration of the platforms and the existing management system. We have helped our customers gain successful experience in the transfer from gravure printing to flexo printing, meeting the global value of green production and VOC emission reduction. We provide solutions and work hand-in-hand with our customers to get them through the transition period. With the strong worldwide demand for flexible printing, we are integrating digital printing technology onto our flexo presses to successfully increase the flexibility of the production. In the gravure machine, we have designed efficient machines to meet the market trend for short orders and quick job change. Furthermore, KYMC has developed highly flexible, highly integrated machines to assist customers to meet the increasingly diversified product requirements of the coating and lamination projects.

KYMC has been actively investing in the development of flexible electronic applications (e.g. RFID) presses. Our commitment to become the industry best has forced us to move forward in all aspects. Products manufactured by KYMC are in compliance to Conformité Européene for international safety regulations. Our process conforms to the ISO9001 standard. KYMC assists customers in the certification of CSA, NEC, and IEC. KYMC’s has demonstrated its commitment as an international brand through the many practices.

From the experiences acquired over the years, KYMC understands the diverse needs of the industry. KYMC is able to support our customers from a variety of aspects including machine customization, prepress, factory design, post printing converting process, machine upgrades, component sourcing all the way to print designs. At KYMC, we emphasize on exceeding our customer’s expectation in all communication and customer services.

Trust Building Through Comprehensive Service and Putting Satisfied Customers As Priority

KYMC views each customer interaction heavily; we pursue the highest-standards of services for our customers. As result the customer oriented after-sales services has helped us earned high reputation on the market. At KYMC we are highly flexible in our equipment configurations, meeting the customers need. We are keen in providing consulting advices tailored to each individual customer. As each customer is different in terms of factory scale, end product requirement, situated environment and faces different supply chain restrictions. This will ensure the press that we deliver to our customer will best suits their needs. Our Engineers are constantly on the road, ready to serve customers at all times. Our mission is to satisfy our customers from all aspect.

Achieving Higher Efficiencies

KYMC printing presses are designed to be environmentally friendly and energy saving. Most of our printing presses come with the pre-registration function as a standard. The pre-registration allows registration to be setup even before the substrate starts running through the presses. The pre-registration could help printers achieve cost savings in materials and increase efficiencies at the time.

KYMC has been focusing on developing and manufacturing word class printing and converting equipment for the past 50 years, today we have over 2800 installations in 90 countries around the world. Our success today is based on the long-term trust and support of countless customers, and the results of the hard work of all our colleagues in a team. In the future, we will still uphold the company's existing business philosophy and continue to advance for the next 50 years.