Royal Vaassen

Royal Vaassen

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AboutRoyal Vaassen

Royal Vaassen

Founded in 1867 as a tin foundry, since 1924 a leading producer of aluminum flexible packaging material. With the Royal designation meanwhile, Royal Vaassen focuses on three main markets: food, industry and tobacco. With this we have created a stable basis for further development.

Core values

Three concepts are central to all these markets:


Sustainability of both the product and the process is central to everything we develop. Aluminum can be recycled indefinitely, and paper (our second largest raw material) is also easy to recycle. We also work with recycled PET. Our energy is based on hydropower and we compensate for the CO2 emissions from our gas consumption. Then we haven't even mentioned all the measures for waste reduction, emission reduction, etc.


Innovation is the essence of our competitiveness. This is about both the product and the process. To work sustainably, continuous innovation is essential.


The customer is king. Not only in the chosen product solutions, but also in the service we offer. The service varies from excellent technical service (remote and on-site) to guide new introductions, do qualifications and document and guarantee food safety. In addition, our service consists of a fast logistical response and high delivery reliability.