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Automatic Sewing Line

Automatic Sewing Line

Brief of Machine

Model DASM4, as DSM5 enhanced by the addition of the automatic feeder, automatic valve forming device and counter stacker, automates all processing so that only 2 workers can complete the work to reduce labor cost.




Capacity Max. 45 Pcs/min

Tube Length 620~ 850 mm

Tube Width 420 mm fixed

Gusset Width 75 mm fixed

Crepe paper Width 50~60 mm

Available Web Material Paper, PP+Paper

Sewing Machine Head DN-2HS (Right)

DN-2LHS (Left)

Stitch Range 7~ 12 mm

Thread Cutter NLC (right)/NLC-L (left)

Main driving Motor AC 5Hp

Electric Capacity Approx. 8Kw

Machine Dimension L:9.7 mxW :2.0 mxH: 1.9 mm

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