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Super Dehumidifying Dryer

Super Dehumidifying Dryer


This equipment is dehumidifying dryer with the homogeneous quality of low dew point. It is suitable for the large capacity and high quality production and the wind is abundant.

In case of operating of dehumidifying dryer, this equipment is not demanded for special compressed air. So, the use of this equipment is convenient and frequent maintenance of this equipment is not needed.

Application field and use:

It is suitable for all the field requesting the extruding production like homogeneous and captious work condition.

In case of extruding production, we can manufacture and provide any large dryer whether your handling quantity of raw material is small or large.

The mixing use of special additive and materials is not needed for drying.


  • Film, Sheet, Raw material production, large blow molding, various fiber & textile

  • PET, PC, new material related PE, PUR, sort of PA

  • Functional material production

  • Bio resolution material production

  • Airing functional material production



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