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Extrusion Laminator Lines

Extrusion Laminator Lines

This machine which had been designed for producing packaging materials such as CEMENT BAG and material BAG by coating of PP, PE Woven Cloth or adhere Kraft Paper together was manufactured so that every necessary function can be held and made perfect capability and the certain operation efficiency was proved by long term consecutive works.

This machine was applied to transmitter and sandwich un-winder being developed automatic regulation device of the material width in accordance with the state of the material and the use of air shaft has good reputation by being contributed to the productive better productivity.


Packaging Materials PE,PP, Woven Cloth

Coating Materials PE,PP, Coating Grade

Use Width 800mm- 1420 mm

1st Extruder Screw Diameter θ114

Extruder Output 300kg/hr

2nd Extruder Screw Diameter θ75

Extruder Output 100kg/hr

Coating Thickness 15~ 100

Line Speed abt 100~ 150m/min

Extruder Motor DC/AC 75HP+30Hp

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