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Webbing Cutter

Webbing Cutter

WITH BUTTON SWITCHING,YOU CAN CUT STRIP TAPES AUTOMATICALLY AND NEATLY. Strip-tapes with max. 200mm wide can be cut at a range of 30mm300meter long.

Special Features

High Speed

It can cut 16~26 cut per minute. (1m long)


Cut-length is accurate owing to a stepping motor.

Cutting type

Because hot knife melts the end of tape, cutting is sealed neatly without fraying, and because upper knife is fixed and only knife plate moves up & down, durability is so long, and it can adjust cutting time (dwell time) by timer.

Automatic operation

It works automatically only by setting length and quantity.

Automatic stopper

It stops automatically if materials run out during operation.(OPTION)


Set-length, set-q'ty & set-speed are not erased even if power off & on.


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