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Calcium Carbonate Master Batch

Calcium Carbonate Master Batch

Caco3 M-B (Calcium Carbonate M-B) is an additive for polyolefin resins and it should be used by mixing with polyolefin resins(LDPE, HDPE, PP resin).

Our clients can enjoy the following benefits by using our higher quality Caco 3 M/B together with polyolefin resins for the purpose of BETTER PRINTABILITY, BETTER PRODUCTIVITY, BETTER DIMENSION STABILITY, ANTI-VERTICAL TEARING, ANTI-FIBRILATION, REDUCTION OF WHITE COLOR PIGMENT COST, REDUCTION OF CALORIFIC QUANTITY, ETC.

Ingredient of Caco 3 M/B is 80-85% CACO 3 + 20-15% other diffusion and reinforcement agent like PP, PE and other additives.

Mixing ratio of our Caco 3 M/B with main application resin is 5-20% for PP(flat yarn grade), 1-10% for HDPE(flat yarn grade), 1-20% for PP(blown film grade), 1-30% for HDPE(blown film grade), 1-20% for LDPE (blown film grade) and the mixing ratio with other kinds of application resin like injection.

molding grade, blow molding grade, monofilament grade, band grade and twin & string grade etc., can be applicable from 1 to 50% according to required strength, color, use of the final products.



Homopolymers, copolymers, random and impact


High and low density, as well as linear


High impact and general use



Benefits of Calcium Carbonate Master Batch:

LDPE, HDPE, PP Blow Molding


LDPE, HDPE, PP (Inflation Molding)

LLDPE, HDPE, PP Blown Film (Inflation Film)

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