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Magic Color Mixer

Magic Color Mixer

M/B Dosing Unit (magic Color Mixer) Features:

  • The structure of this color mixer is designed to enable simple color change, and easy cleaning.

  • Other mixing equipment is not needed since this color mixer is using method of installing on the molding machine and directly Supplying required quantity, and reduction of the worker's movement line is possible, possible to supply 3 kinds of material (new material + M/B+M/B) simultaneously to the molding machine at the time of combining 2 feeders.

Control Method:

Precise weighing by digital control method by inverter is possible, and this color mixer is devised to enable setting of calculated quantity at molding machine in a short time by making the weighing figures necessary for the selection of input quantity to molding machine as data.

Applicable machineries:

  • Injection molding machine

  • Blow molding machine

  • Extruding Machine



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