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Roll to Roll Printing Machine - Euroflex

Roll to Roll Printing Machine - Euroflex

The state of the art gearless flexo roll to roll printing machine - Euroflex and is one of the best valued gearless press on the market. As the flagship press is equipped with the highest automation, precision, stability, and cleaning technologies available. The press technologies along with its structural design allow for maximum press speed, working on the widest range of substrates. If you are looking for maximum efficiency and minimum human intervention, this is the roll to roll printing machine - Euroflex press for you to customize.

Standard Specification

  • Non-stop turret type unwind and rewind
  • 6 meter drying tunnel
  • Print and Anilox sleeve
  • Auto wash system
  • Auto registration and impression system
  • Infeed web guide


As the flagship press, it is equipped with both impression and registration automation controls. The press has the most advance print and defect detection system to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. The mono block design and the technologies equipped allows for maximum press speed. The Roll to Roll Printing Machine – Euroflex is designed for…

Operation Comfort

  • Touch screen interface
  • User friendly layout screen control
  • Fully digitalized controls for precise registration settings
  • Fully digitalized control for precise impression settings
  • Auto impression lift when splice runs through the printing head
  • Easy access to printing stations

Print Quality

  • Robust mono-block structure design
  • Servo motor control guarantee excellent print registration holding
  • 100% defect detection (optional)
  • Most advance print and defect detection system
  • Automatic registration control
  • Micrometric kiss impression control to one micron

Quick job Change

  • Anilox and plate sleeve design
  • Auto pre-register control
  • Auto quick wash features for inking system
  • Job memory for repeat tasks
  • Auto CI drum cleaning system (optional)

Remote Service Assistance

  • 24/7 machine online diagnostic system
  • Exclusive PLC Network Connection Technology to achieve deep online diagnose and prompt remote-maintenance.

Industrial I.40

  • OPC UA Data Exchange Protocol for communication between devices, machines and enterprise systems (ERP, SCADA, CRM…etc)
  • Remote HMI monitoring via mobile devices


  • Compliant with Conformité Européene or Australian Standard
  • Certification service available with CSA, NEC and IEC



Food packaging, Medical packaging, Pre-print for paper box, Bags, Paper cup, liquid & beverage, household cleaning, Cosmetics, Gift wraps, Wallpaper


Food packaging, Medical packaging, Industrial packaging, Sanitary Packaging, Bags, Liquid & beverage, Household cleaning, Cosmetics, Confectionary wrappers


Food packaging, Medical packaging, Industrial packaging

Woven bag


Specification Details




Number of Colors


4 / 6 / 8 / 10

Max Machine Speed





Material Width



670 / 870 / 1070 / 1270 / 1370 / 1570

26.4 / 34.3 / 42.1 / 50 / 53.9/ 61.8

Printing Sleeve Width



600 / 800 / 1000 / 1200 / 1300 / 1500

23.6 / 31.5 / 39.4 / 47.2 / 51.2 / 59.1

Roll Diameter



800 / 1000 (Option)

31.5 / 39.4 (Option)

Repeat Length



300 / 360 - 800

11.8 / 14.2 ~ 31.5

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