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BIB 900 Automatic Filling Machine

BIB 900 Automatic Filling Machine

BIB 900 Automatic Filling Machine

The robust and fully automatic BIB 900 filling machine offers very high performance while remaining flexible.

The BIB 900 is a high speed automatic filling machines is designed for large industrial production facilities seeking efficiency, reliability and high quality filling. Just like the BIB 700, the machine features a new generation filling valve displaying the best Total Package Oxygen pickup values on the market.

The fully automatic process includes bag supply, separation of bags, bag opening, vacuuming, filling, capping, packing into the box and release.

BIB 900 is flexible to your filling needs and is available with single or double heads and can fill a wide range of BIB sizes with different taps (such as Vitop® standard or compact). The height of the filling table can also be adjusted, delivering a better quality of filling and a reduction in the air column.



What are the features of BIB 900 Automatic Filling Machine?

Filling speed: 15 3L BIB per minute

Fills bags from 3L to 20L, bags <235mm (cote r). In option, possibility to fill bags of smaller sizes

Adapted to Vitop® Original, Vitop® Compact and other taps on demand

Pneumatic and reversible gripper: no need to adjust machine

Console desk provides easy control of operation

New generation filling valve

Separated circuits between vacuum and nitrogen

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