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Absorbent cushioned pads for soft fruit

Absorbent cushioned pads for soft fruit

Dri-fresh® Soft-HoldTM provides the ultimate protection for soft fruit. It was developed in partnership with some of the soft-fruit world’s key companies to optimise shelf-life, reduce damage in transit, add value and offer better product presentation - all at the lowest possible cost.

Dri-fresh® Soft-HoldTM are ‘absorbent bubble pads’ combining the cushioning and protective properties of bubble films with effective absorbency, high permeability and excellent product presentation.

The Soft-HoldTM unique ‘tear-drop’ embossed pattern raises the fruit from the surface to encourage air-flow, inhibit sweating, damage and corresponding fungal growth, minimise contact between berries and surface and prevent the berries from moving around the pack.

Available in various colours and sizes. Dri-fresh® Soft-HoldTM is available with integrated ethylene absorbency and anti-fungal properties for extending shelf-life in all applications.



  • Cushioned pad prevents bruising


  • High level of absorbency


  • Increases shelf-life


  • Reduces wastage


  • Choice of colours available


  • Any size, shape or configuration


  • FDA and EU approved


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