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Packed Cooking Bags

Packed Cooking Bags

Sira-Cook™ FPS (folded, packed and sealed) is a means of offering a range of our different cooking bag solutions in a format which sees them packed in individual bags.

Sira-Cook™ FPS is perfect for anyone looking to build a meal kit, or supply a cooking solution as part of a ready-meal. It can also be used as part of a ready meal as a ‘cooking solution’.

Cooking bags available in this format include: the Si-bag (our printed self-seal steam-cooking bag for oven/microwave); Sira-Cook Self-Seal (our self-seal cooking bags for oven/microwave); Siralon (nylon roasting bags), and Sira-Cook Supreme (our cooking bags for the oven/BBQ).


  • Cooking bags supplied individually packed


  • Perfect for use as part of meal-kits


  • Can be used within ready meals


  • Available options including steam-cooking bags, nylon roasting bags and oven/BBQ bags

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