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Antibacterial-microbial absorbent fruit pads

Antibacterial-microbial absorbent fruit pads

Dri-Fresh® ABV is a new technology which combines our absorbent fruit pads with a blend of natural fruit extracts which naturally enhance fruit’s own protective defences.

The extract, which is incorporated into the pad, contains a blend of natural bio-flavonoids and organic acids which, when activated by moisture, work as anti-oxidants and anti-microbials, extending the shelf-life of the fruit.

Dri-Fresh® ABV is perfect for all delicate fruits, including berries of all types, tomatoes, kiwis, nectarines and grapes. Dri-Fresh® ABV works with packaged fruit, especially fruit exported long distances, and also works well with cut-fruit.

All the elements of the ABV extract are found naturally in fruits, the pad delivers it when needed in concentrated form. Several days shelf-life extension or more can be achieved.

Dri-Fresh® ABV can be used in conjunction with our Dri-Fresh® Resolve, Soft-Hold and Fresh-Hold pads.


  • Natural extract which when activated enhances the fruits’ own natural protection


  • Can be combined with absorbent pads & cushioned absorbent pads


  • Perfect for soft & delicate fruits


  • Offers significant shelf-life extension


  • Perfect for fruit exported long distances


  • Any size, shape or configuration


  • FDA approved


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