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Self Seal Steam Cooking Bags

Self Seal Steam Cooking Bags

Sira-Cook™ Self-Seal™ counter bags allow food to be bought in-store and then taken home and cooked in the oven or microwave.

Sira-Cook™ Self-Seal™ counter bags combine practicality with simplicity. When your customer buys their meat or fish over the counter in this bag, it is sealed in using a foldover flap and the bag becomes odour and leak-proof.

There is no need to invest in expensive heat sealers. Butters, marinades, herbs and spices can be added to fish, poultry or meat, creating a ready meal using the freshest ingredients.


  • Available in many sizes, colour combinations and on the reel


  • Made from naturally self-venting film


  • Top quality temperature-resistant printing


  • Recyclable, extremely lightweight and easy to use


  • Extremely lightweight and easy to use


  • Superb tasting food every time


  • Dual ovenable - suitable for oven AND microwave

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