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Absorbent pads for smoked salmon and meat

Absorbent pads for smoked salmon and meat

Eat-Fresh™ absorbent interleavers are specifically designed to absorb only the excess oil generated in smoking fish and game meats, ensuring optimum presentation.

These interleavers are ideal for separating slices of fish or meats as they do not tear the delicate food and keep it moist, succulent and fresh.

In addition the interleavers become translucent in contact with oil, so making them almost invisible. Available in two main types:

Eat-Fresh™ PP white in colour and gently perforated

Eat-Fresh™ Resolve® natural in colour and smooth to touch offering a wonderful release surface

Fantastic for absorbing excess oils without draining the food

Ideal for smoked fish and meats

Does not tear delicate slices

Fully food approved and made in BRC/IoP; ISO 9001 facilities

Compostable option available - choice of colours

Any size, shape or design





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