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Chicken bagging machine

Chicken bagging machine

The Sira-Cook™ absorbent bag range is a unique packaging solution for poultry which allows food to be packed, shipped, retailed and cooked in the same package - and our Sira-Cook™ Bagging Machine makes the process simple, bagging 40 chickens a minute, for the complete packaging solution.

Once bagged, simply tie the bag, add ties, or heat-seal the bags - as shown in the video above - and you're ready to ship the birds in an ovenable-roasting bag.

Sira-Cook™ bags allow the poultry to be cooked in its own juices by the final customer for added succulency. The food can be cooked without the need for a baking tray, the oven remains clean and there is no washing-up.


  • Packs 40 chickens a minute


  • Massively increases output


  • Machine is very simple to use


  • Pack, ship, sell and cook the product in one package


  • No need to handle the food until it is ready to serve


  • Unique materials absorb the hot fat released during cooking to ensure crisp, clean and safe-to-handle food


  • No oven cleaning or washing up for the consumer


  • Variety of material options available in many sizes


  • Considerable cost savings on packaging and handling


  • Can be combined with absorbency to mop up excess fat


  • Can be combined with ovenable tray solutions if desired

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