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Label Dispensers and Label Printing Dispensers

Label Dispensers and Label Printing Dispensers

Label dispensers and label printing dispensers are two distinct products that streamline the labeling process. While both offer efficiency and accuracy, they serve different purposes, catering to various labeling needs. Let's delve into their features and highlight their differences:


Label Dispensers:

Label dispensers are designed to simplify the labeling process by applying pre-printed labels precisely and quickly. With their robust construction, they can handle a wide range of labeling tasks. These dispensers excel at applying labels from various directions, including the top, bottom, front, back, and bottom. However, it's important to note that label dispensers can only apply pre-printed labels. If your labeling requirements involve printing labels with consecutive numbers or variable data, a label printing dispenser would be more suitable.


Label Printing Dispensers:

Label printing dispensers offer the combined functionality of a label printer and a label dispenser. They are equipped to both print and dispense labels, making them a versatile solution. Once the label is printed, it is applied to products, boxes, or other packaging materials. The key advantage of label printing dispensers is their capability to handle variable data. This means you can easily incorporate variable information, such as consecutive numbers, into your labels. The flexible design of label printing dispensers allows them to seamlessly integrate with various printing modules from well-known partners. With a wide range of applicators available, these dispensers can meet nearly any labeling requirement. Furthermore, switching between different labeling tasks is a breeze, requiring only a few simple steps.


In summary, label dispensers excel at quickly and precisely applying pre-printed labels, while label printing dispensers offer the added functionality of label printing and the flexibility to handle variable data. Depending on your specific labeling needs, you can choose the most suitable option to optimize your labeling process and achieve efficient results.



label dispenser

  • Rapid MINI 2.0
  • RapidRSL
  • Rapid SM

Label printing dispenser

  • EDS

Basic Equipment

  • Speed synchronization control
  • label compensation
  • modular design
  • simplified material change

Additional options

  • Sensor for querying material shortage with signal
  • with driven label dispenser (auto-synch mode)
  • with driven backing material rewinder (auto-synch mode)

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