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Labeling of buckets (VEE)

Labeling of buckets (VEE)

The VEE model series systems are highly suitable for labeling medium-sized containers such as buckets, paint cans, and drums in various industries including food, chemicals, paints, and coatings. Whether the containers are oval, round, or rectangular, made of plastic or metal, these systems can handle them all. Depending on customer requirements, the products can be aligned before the labeling process, and plastic or metal handles can be positioned in the necessary labeling positions. Additionally, the labeling system can be optionally expanded with additional labeling stations to apply lid labels if needed.

For dual-sided labeling, we recommend the VEE-2S model. If all-around labeling is required, our VEE-2DS model is utilized. It is also possible to combine both systems seamlessly.

Furthermore, as an optional accessory, we provide a lid closing unit (DVS) that presses down the pre-applied lids before the labeling process, ensuring proper sealing.


VEE - 2S

  • oval and rectangular containers
  • up to 40 products/min


  • round containers
  • up to 25 products/min (with handle alignment)

Basic Equipment

  • Base frame with height-adjustable feet
  • Conveyor belt with side guide rails
  • Stabilization belt
  • Product singulation
  • Label dispenser
  • Thermal transfer printer
  • Label pressing unit
  • Electronic control
  • Touch panel

Additional options

  • TTO pressure module
  • camera system(s)
  • ejection station
  • backup labeller
  • turntable
  • buffer table
  • label rejection
  • lid labeller
  • bottom labeller
  • Braille Labeller 
  • Label presence control
  • target labeling
  • Label Orientation
  • stainless steel version

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